Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Men's health after 40 years

 The 40-aged man  has  an upswing emotional and physical forces,however there are some problems with hormones.
The main regulators of the body - hormones and the main male hormone - testosterone. That's because its decline affects the physical, mental and sexual health of men after 40 years.

Signs of decline in testosterone levels:
1) Reduced libido
Fatigue and gloomy  loss of libido and desire for sex - one of the most tangible signs of testosterone decline. To achieve and maintain an erection becomes more difficult, as well as ejaculation and orgasm.
An indirect sign is morning erection. If it does not occur at least 1-2 times a week, perhaps this is due to a decrease in the level of sex hormones.To find more information about drugs for treatment of low libido click here.

2)  You are over 40 years
In the body, the synthesis of a number of hormones is reduced in the 20 years, because of what age-related changes begin. It is believed that the decline in testosterone begins in 40-45 years, but in practice the effects of reducing its production of many men begin to feel after 30-35 years. After this age, its synthesis is reduced by 1-3% per year, and to 50 years is reduced by half. Learn more here.

3) The volume of ejaculate (semen)
Testosterone is responsible for the process of arousal and does not directly affect erection. But its influence on the level of quality and quantity of male sperm: the more hormone, the greater the ejaculate.
If you noticed that the volume of the seed fell - hand over analyzes on hormones.

4) Increase the proportion of fat in the body and decrease in muscle tissue

5) Low emotional background
Testosterone deficiency decreases the activity of men, prevents mental activity and focus on the target, increases apathy to the environment. In some men, testosterone deficiency can cause depression etc.

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